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Wills and Advance Planning

Wills and Advance Planning Successes

Dora lived independently at her home in Nassau County for many years. Around age 90, she started showing signs of dementia. One of CLA’s attorneys helped Dora execute a Power of Attorney and Health Care Proxy naming her sister and a niece as agents. Dora's mental and physical frailties continued to worsen. When her sister discovered that Dora had stopped paying her bills and could not arrange for her own medical care, the sister stepped in, using the planning documents. With them, she was able to arrange the financial and medical assistance Dora needed. Dora was able to remain at home rather than going to a nursing home. She died one day after her 96th birthday, peacefully in her own bed.   

With proper advance planning, Dora received the assistance and care she needed.

Ben and Larry executed health care proxies, powers of attorney and wills, ensuring that their wishes would be carried out.

Ben and Larry were long time partners who were unable to marry because gay marriage was not yet legal at the time. When they first started working with Ann, they were in their 70s and Ben was beginning to show signs of dementia. The couple was worried that family members who were not close with them and were not supportive of their relationship might be legally entitled to make important decisions and inherit their property. Ann helped Ben and Larry to complete Health Care Proxies and Powers of Attorney, giving them the ability to make medical and financial decisions for each other. Ann also helped them execute Wills, which ensured that if one of them died, the other would inherit the bulk of his partner’s property. With these documents in place, Ben and Larry’s wishes were protected.



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