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CLA helped Laura recover more than $3000 in wrongful charges by an assisted living facility. Laura is a widow who lives in the house she shared with her late husband. She began to find it difficult to maintain the house on her own and considered moving into assisted living. She did some research and was impressed with a facility in Nassau County. Laura decided to spend some time visiting for a couple of hours on a few days. To do so, the facility required her to sign several forms, including ones that set forth the monthly fee should she move in. After her visits, Laura decided she wanted to stay at home and promptly notified the facility. However, the facility charged her credit card for an entire month's rent. Laura contacted CLA for help. CLA contacted the facility on Laura's behalf and worked with Laura to challenge the credit card charge. CLA was able to get the charge reversed and the facility dropped its claim.

Laura recovered more than $3000 in wrongful charges.

Gwen received an affordable  mortgage modification, allowing her to stay in her home.

Gwen was a widow when she met CLA’s Attorney-in-Charge, Keiko.  Her husband died shortly after Superstorm Sandy, leaving no Will.  Gwen was left with a home to repair and many questions about the mortgage and her husband’s estate.  Keiko was able to help secure an affordable mortgage modification, allowing Gwen to continue living in her home and avoiding foreclosure.  Keiko also advised Gwen regarding the Surrogates Court and estate administration process and what could be done with her husband’s personal property.


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