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Wills and Advance Planning

Wills, Guardianship and Advance Planning

Community Legal Advocates helps low and moderate income individuals and their families plan for the future by preparing wills, health care proxies and powers of attorney.

Who Needs a Will? Any adult who owns assets can benefit from creating a Will. A Will lets you decide what happens with your property after you die. Without a Will, the law decides how your property is distributed and who gets what. This may not reflect your wishes. Click here for more information about Wills and other advance planning issues. 

Guardianship for an Adult Disabled Child. A child that has been disabled all his life may need a guardian once he turns 18. If you have an adult disabled child, CLA can help you understand and obtain guardianship. Click here for more information about Article 17A Guardianships.

Advance Planning

What is Advance Planning and how CLA can help. 

Learn about Advance Planning and how CLA can help undocumented people and their families plan for possible deportation or removal.

Aprende lo que es "Advance Planning" y como CLA puede ayudar personas indocumentadas y sus familias hacer decisiones en el evento de una deportación.

¿Qué es Advance Planning? ¿Cómo le puede ayudar CLA?